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Friday, March 28, 2008

There's Always Someone Better

Good grief, this blog is whack.

Perhaps I'm just kidding myself, but I like to think that this blog is the best blog on the topic of food AND pants; that is, the conjunction, both things, not simply one or the other, but the two things - food and pants - together.

I realize there are better blogs about food. One such blog is The Wandering Eater. But while there are loads of food blogs, there really aren't any blogs devoted to pants, it seems. Granted, it's appropriate there are lots of food blogs. But why no pants blogs? Aren't pants just as important? I am very proud to be the only person who seems to be writing about pants.

When I started this post, I was going to just say how much better The Wandering Eater is. And when it comes to food, it is. It blows the crap out of this blog. It makes me question whether I should even do this blog. But then I realized, these food blogs don't talk about food AND pants, and then I felt a little better. And then I ate some animal crackers, and I felt a LOT better.

The End
Thanks, Elfin crackers, for helping me to believe in myself