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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Epic Duel

The above clip is one of the most epic in cinematic history. The door opening, Darth Maul lifting up his head, the ensuing duel, the buildup to the scene with the automatic 'energy' doors. The way that Qui-Gon kneels down and silently meditates, while Darth Maul paces back and forth. Later, Obi-Wan jumping into combat when the energy door opens, the absolute speed and skill of that final duel. Thrilling.

I seriously wish I was a Jedi and I could fight bad evil Sith Lords. Quite a life, as long as you aren't killed, but then again, if I were a Jedi I probably wouldn't care about dying because I would be one with the Force.

Expect a post later this week on updates with my Star Wars story. It will deal with the beginning of the Jedi order and how the Sith came to be.