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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Welcome to the Grill Room

This is long overdue, and sadly it's not properly documented, but a few weeks ago there was a holiday potluck for the 5th floor of my office. I made Cuban sandwiches and it was quite a complicated affair. Cuban sandwiches are not difficult to make, but they are tedious if you are making them in bulk.

Let's review the ingredients of a Cuban sandwich...Bread, pork, ham, Swiss cheese, kosher dill pickes, mustard.

Once these ingredients are assembed you place the sandwich in a press and toast it. Cuban sandwiches are simply delicious and a little frisky. Anyway, for different reasons that I will not get into, I was forced to assemble my Cuban sandwiches in my bedroom, on my bed.

The assemblage taking place on my bed (I wisely covered my bed with newspaper)

I pre-made the sandwiches at home, and then brought them in the next day, along with my George Foreman grill, so I could toast them to order. I set up shop in an abandoned room in the office. I am planning on taking this room over and naming it the "Grill Room." Anyway, tomorrow is another holiday potluck lunch, this time only for people in my specific department, and I am making flank steak with chimichurri. Update to follow...

The Grill Room