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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Professional

I have said many bad things about Banana Republic on this blog - so many bad things, in fact, that I think a Banana Republic hitman is following me and waiting for the right moment to do me in. He's a very surly fellow, and he often walks into people and things and makes loud noises. He has spilled coffee on himself at least 3 times while following me and always lets out a yelp.

Anyway, he's a very intimidating fellow and he often has doughnut crumbs on his face. Quite frankly I am scared, and so I have decided to say something nice about Banana Republic.

Note the following pants, the Slim Straight Brown Pinstripe Pant...

These are completely respectable, even nice pants. The only thing that seems strange is the anatomical left leg - the pant seems bulkier on that side. The anatomical right, however, is quite good.

I received further confirmation that these are good, even very good pants, because a fellow at work has these pants. Here are some pictures...

The first picture is slightly misleading - it makes the pants seem kind of 'bunched up' in the upper portion of the pants. Please know that it is only a photographic anomaly. The second picture gives a good representation of the pleasing straight cut and the excellent length and break of the pants.

Ok, so hopefully now Banana Republic will recall its hitman and I will live to see another day.