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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breaking: Bird Organs Dropping from Sky

This is unrelated to food and pants, but it's quite important.

I was sitting outside, talking to my brother on the phone, and I felt something on my arm and then my ankle. I looked at my ankle first and there appeared to be ketchup or something, sort of wedged between the crevice of my shoe. I looked up and thought, what the crap, is someone throwing ketchup?

Then I looked at my arm, and there was what looked to be the remains of some bird. It was like a bird had blown up and some of the carcass landed on me. There was an eyeball and what appeared to be a spleen. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was so shocked I didn't think about my blog and wiped everything off.

Anyway, be careful. There might be some exploding bird epidemic, or, as my boss suggested, perhaps there is a psycho who mutilates birds and throws their body parts on unsuspecting people.

Some of the residue from the eyeball and spleen
This bird went missing around the time of the accident - could it have been his spleen on my arm?