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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oh Lord, The Bird Spleens and Excrement are Falling

Yesterday was just an awful day. As mentioned, bloody bird remains, including an eyeball and spleen, dropped on me while I was sitting outside talking on the phone with my brother.

Well, later in the day I was sitting outside the stoop of my building, again talking to my brother. I felt a little something on the back of my shirt, but when I tried touching it to see what it was there didn't seem to be anything there. I figured it was just a drop of water from an AC or something.

When I was later hanging up my shirt I discovered that, in fact, it WAS something. In fact, it was bird poop.

The arrow is pointing to the poop

So this is extremely upsetting. I'm wondering if God or the Universe or the Great Life Spirit or Whatever is trying to tell me something. I was reflecting on whether I ever wronged a bird. I think when I was a kid I smashed a couple of bird eggs on the ground or something. In more recent years, I have tried giving birds scraps of my sandwich, which is great for the few birds who get something, but the 40 other birds who migrate from as far as Ohio to get a morsel of my bread and don't go home with anything - well, they might want revenge.

Hopefully the score is settled, but I know birds are obsessive about vengeance. Help!