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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Food and Pants are Deck

First, I must introduce the word "deck." The Hipster Handbook says the word is used by Hipsters as you or I might use the word "cool" or possibly "fresh," although not many white people use the word "fresh" in this kind of way. My old students from the Bronx would often use "fresh" to talk about clothes or matters related to appearance. For example, "that shirt is fresh," or "that haircut is fresh." Apparently, Hipsters would say "that shirt is deck," or "that haircut is deck." Or, in the "cool" context, they might say "deck" if someone agreed to go out with them or if they listened to an awesome band.


Anyway, I bring this up because I spent some time in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this weekend. I went to this art show that was sponsored or something by Miranda July, who has enjoyed some success as a writer and filmmaker (her movie "Me and You and Everyone We Know" is good, I've seen it, and received good reviews).

Notice the guy on the left - he's a certain type of hipster (I think there are different kinds)

So yes, aren't I deck? I went to an art thing in Williamsburg hosted by this hip indie artist. Supposedly I walked right by her but I didn't even notice. But, of course, I am not deck. I just happen to know someone who is and I was able to tag along and pretend.

Here's a conversation I could have had with a hipster if I had actually spoken to one:

Me: Um, hi.

Hipster (looking bothered): Um, hi.

Me: So what kind of music do you like?

Hipster (annoyed): Oh, you probably don't know any of it. What do you like?

Me: Oh, the Beatles, I guess.

Hipster: Holy Guacamole, goodbye. (walks away in complete disgust)

Anyway, the Hipster pant situation is interesting and tends not to be good. There's the type of Hipster in the picture above, the guy with the mullet and wife beaters, who wears skin-tight pants. Not good. If you look at the picture you can tell his pants are REALLY tight. Another type of Hipster wears cords or cotton chinos purchased from a Goodwill store. I can't find good pictures on the Internet but I will try to make another trip out to Williamsburg soon so I can take photos for your inspection.

That would be deck.

This is the second type of Hipster (the guy's pants on the right, you can tell, are slim, but not skin-tight)