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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pants That Are Too Long

Pants that are short are not good, but pants that are too long are also not good. I'm not sure which is worse. When it comes to pants that are short, if they're really short you can just say they're shorts. With long pants, though, you're in trouble, for you have to admit to wearing pants that are just too long.

A friend of mine at work was wearing pants today which were a little too long. He admitted the problem, which I was impressed with. Many guys don't care about pant fit, such as my roommate (note: see entry dated March 19th for more). My friend at work is rather pant conscious, though. He knew his pants were a little too long. Not ridiculously long, but long nonetheless.

Here is a picture that gives a full view. Now, these pants are by no means ridiculous. They're actually pretty decent. Still, we're not looking for pretty decent. We're looking for amazing.

This picture gives a better glimpse as to why these pants are problematic. You can see some significant 'bunching.' It's not horrible, but these trousers need to approximately 1-1.5 inches shorter. Bunching is a bigger problem for slim-fit pants, which are the type of pant being worn by my friend. Pants that are a little looser can be a bit longer and bunchier before it becomes absurd.

The moral of today's post: don't let your bunching become absurd.