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Saturday, March 24, 2007

God is in the Details

Perhaps you've heard of Uniqlo. It's a Japanese clothing chain that recently opened a store in Manhattan, in the area known as SoHo. It's quickly become one of my favorite clothing establishments, at least for shirts and sweaters. The pants are another matter. Sadly they always seem to be respectful failures.

Yesterday I bought a pair of the 'vintage chinos.' The material is excellent, and I found the fit to be superb. Yet when I purchased these chinos I knew there were two problems that might threaten my enjoyment. Later in the evening my deepest fears were confirmed by a friend whose pant-opinion I respect.

Problem 1: A utility pocket of some sort that is conspicuously placed in the front of the pant, below the waist.

Problem 2: The belt loops are too long.

These pictures don't seem to do full justice to the longish nature of the loops. Take my word, though, the loops should be about 25% shorter. Also, you might notice that the middle loop in the back has a mini-loop placed above the belt loop. It's kind of silly and completely unnecessary.

These vintage chinos are actually the closest pants to perfection I have found at Uniqlo. Like I said, the fit is stupendous. But the pocket and loop problems really degrade the overall quality of the pant. I haven't decided if I will keep these pants. I'll let you, my readers, know soon.