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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ethiopian in the East Village

I finally went to Meskel, an Ethiopian restaurant that was reviewed by Peter Meehan in the Times back in November. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Our waitress was warm but unobtrusive, and the food came out quickly, which in this case was good because I was pretty hungry.

I must say, I've been to 4 Ethiopian restaurants in New York, and all were very good, but I haven't been able to notice a big difference among any of them. This isn't necessarily bad, because, like I said, they're all really good. But maybe it would be nice to someday try a new Ethiopian place and be like, wow, this is even more amazing than the others. Or wow, this is so different or has a lot of dishes that the others don't.

Anyway, I was telling my students about Ethiopian food and told them I'd take some pictures. I wish I had taken a picture when the food first arrived, but I was so excited I guess I forgot.

Here's a picture from the Peter Meehan review that shows what the food looks like when it first comes out. Everything comes on top of injera, which is a soft, spongy bread, sort of like a thin pancake. One uses the injera to scoop up the stews of vegetables and meats.

Here's a picture of my food. I had the vegetarian combo. It does n't look as appetizing as the NY
Times picture, but I had already eaten a lot and gotten everything mixed up.

So anyway, in conclusion, Ethiopian food is delicious.