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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pants Adventure at Macy's

I was fed up with the Gap, Uniqlo. Didn't want to go to Banana Republic. I have a pair of their chinos which I purchased back in September. They're ok, but a tad short (the next bigger size was too long). So anyway, I decided to head to Macy's on Saturday, the 24th of March, to look for the chinos I have been searching for without luck (the most recent attempt being Uniqlo, mentioned on the post dated March 24).

Now Macy's has higher-end pants made with wools and other dressier fabrics, but I headed to the basement, where they keep Dockers and more casual chinos.

I tried Dockers. They had other designers like Alfani (I own two of their chinos) and Perry Ellis (I own one pair), but they didn't have the color I was looking for. I was searching for a khaki trouser, as the two pairs of khakis I have are deteriorating (they're both from the Gap).

I tried on both Original fit and Relaxed fit. Flat-front, of course. I settled on the Original fit, 34x32. They're pretty decent. Not spectacular, but pretty decent. I probably liked the fit of the Uniqlo pants more, but, like I said, the Uniqlo vintage chinos had the absurd belt loops and that darned utility pocket.

Above I am in the Macy's dressing room trying on the Originial fit trousers. You can see my Gap khaki pants on the floor. You'll also notice that I was wearing my dress shoes. Always, ALWAYS, wear the shoes that you will be wearing the pants with. Never wear sneakers to try on pants you will be wearing for work or dressier occasions. This can lead to countless heartaches.