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Monday, March 19, 2007

No Pants are Completely Bad

To start, I must mention that my first post with actual content pertains to pants. Please, this in no way implies any superiority of pants over food. If anything, this could be viewed as an attempt to balance out the fact that Food is the first word in the title of this blog. But please, it is silly for me to buy into any competition between the two, for, as already stated, they are both wonderful and special.

Anyhow, I want to display two pairs of pants, one good, one not so good.

Now, the pair on the left is rather nice. The pair on the right is rather bad. Yet the good pair is not completely good, for the fit is a tad on the baggy side. The pair on the right is not completely bad, because, well, at least they're pants. Oh, and they're black, which is fine.

Concerning the good pants: yes, the fit is a little baggy, but perhaps if the model were wearing a more suitable size, the pants would be great. So it's hard to ascertain if it's simply a sizing problem or a problem with the style of the pants. Still, regardless of fit or size, the pants look pretty darn good.

Concerning the bad pants: they are being worn by my roommate, and I don't think the picture does justice to just how ridiculous these pants look. The pants are just a complete disaster. They fit my roommate fine on the waist, so it's not a sizing problem. It's simply a problem with how the trousers are cut.

In a future post I will discuss these horrible pants in more detail. They are so bad they actually make me want to forget all that Zen bullshit and just say they're completely bad. But no. I'll take a deep breath. They are still pants. They are still valuable. There are no good or bad pants, just pants.

Ah, forget that. My roommate's pants suck.