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Monday, November 29, 2021

The Way of the Bread

Who knows the Way of the Bread?  The ancient grains, the ancient yeasts?  How do you bake the perfect loaf?  Great artisans have perfected the craft over thousands of years.  What are some of the best breads?  Well, ok...

1) In downtown NYC you can go to Eataly, an Italian market.  There there is a bread baked with provolone and pancetta.  This very ancient bread, which some say dates back to Pompei before its destruction, is incredible.

2) In Romania there is a town nestled in a valley where there is a stream. If you go there a man named Frank is the town baker. Frank makes an incredible sourdough peasant loaf, the aroma of which wafts through the valley and makes even the birds stop in mid-flight to take in the incredible smells and aromas. However once they stop in mid-flight they drop to the ground and die.  Do they die in mid-flight from the smell of the aromas, or do they simply become overwhelmed, fall, and die from impact?

There are other breads out there.   Let the bread adventures begin.