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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Hallmark Movie Template


  • Small town in Northeast during fall or spring; or small town in Pacific Northwest during winter

Cast of characters

  • Susy Boyles - main character; career-driven with unlucky prior dating history
  • Dirk Williams - well-intentioned, successful doctor who starts dating Susy but they clearly do not connect
  • Chip Vanderson - nice and non-offensively sarcastic; hard-working and successful but has non-traditional career; he and Susy somehow meet and keep bumping into each other and act as if they irritate each other but actually love each other
  • Dad or best friend (best friend is person of color) - funny, loyal, trying to get Susy to settle down and see that Chip is the right one
  • See cast of characters above; Susy tells Dirk she loves Chip and Dirk graciously bows out; Susy and Chip end up together
  • Shoot in studio and make extensive use of computer-generated backgrounds and stock background footage
  • Variations include holiday themes, Chip has a daughter and the mother died, Susy's mother recently died, Susy and/or Chip work volunteer with children with special needs, Susy and Chip are business competitors, or other