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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Bean Journal

What:  Made my first pot of artisinal, heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo.  Used the "King City Pinks."  

Process:  Soaked over night in water.  In fact, didn't start cooking the beans until around 2pm.  Used a crockpot.  Heated to high.  Added onion, carrot, black garlic, oregano, and olive oil.  Cooked a little.  Then added the beans, with soaking water, and some additional water.  Cooked beans quite a while, until around 6pm.  Cooked longer uncovered.  Added salt.  

Result: Good, damn good.  The broth was very good.  I thought it would be thicker, but this was a soupier broth.  Honestly, the beans probably could have used more cooking, but we were getting mighty hungry.  Added some grated parm and ate with a sesame seeded semolina roll.  

-Joseph Bean