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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hello (I have an idea, but wait)!

Another day, I sit outside.
A fourth day.
The three prior days, when a friendly little birdie visited:
Was it the same bird each day?
Or three separate birds on each day?
Or two birds: one bird one day and another bird on two days?
I must know!
I come up with a plan:
I will catch the bird who visits me using a Whatchamacallit chocolate bar
And then I will use nail polish to label it!

A bird/the bird/one of the birds approaches.
The bird cannot resist the temptation of a Whatchamacallit
And is trapped!
But the bird shows no fear and quietly watches me.
I dab an "X" using hot pink polish and release the bird.

Another day, I sit outside.
A fifth day.
I await.
The sky is so blue and the spring is beautiful.
A bird approaches...
With an "X" in hot pink polish!
So it is the same bird!

But wait.
It's the same bird from yesterday, the fourth day.
But how do I know this is the same bird from the first three days?
If this bird returns the next day, then chances are it was the same bird the first three times.
But chances are does not mean for sure!

I only know this bird, the bird on the fifth day, is the same as the bird of the fourth.
How can I know of the first three bird sightings?