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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hello (the end)!

Another day, I sit outside.
A seventh day.
The breeze is cool and there are many colors.
Birds fly about, chirping.
I sit alone, pondering.
How can I know how many birds have visited me these past days?
Definitely one, but perhaps up to four!

I think about this and decide:
I at least know the bird of the fourth and fifth day was the same.
At least I know that - there is one thing I know.

A bird approaches...
It's the polished bird!  This is the third day the bird has visited!
Hello, my friend!
"Chirp chirp chirp!"
Yes, my friend!

Then another bird approaches, then another, then another!
Are these the three birds who visited me the first three days?
But wait!
They all have an "X" marked with hot pink polish!
But I only labeled one bird!
Is someone else polishing birds?

I feel as if I am collapsing into myself, the ground is pulling me in.
On my arm, I notice there is an "X" marked with hot pink polish.