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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Department of Pizza

Give me a fresh hot slice!  That's what I always say.  Below are some notes on recent pizza adventures...

Norm's Pizza - Norm's is a new shop in Downtown Brooklyn that serves nouveau New York slices.  They serve round pies and square pies.  I had a slice of the round regular 'roni, and a slice of a round pie with aged and fresh mozz.  First, the 'roni: a very good slice with a sharp, aged mozz, no doubt aided in its tang from the oils of the 'roni.  The glistening 'roni oils spilled on the surface of the aged cheese, which already was emitting its own orange oils. The combination of bubbling orange oils was so rich I immediately, instinctively passed gas.  Next, on to the cheese-only slice.  As mentioned, this was no ordinary cheese slice, because it had aged and fresh mozz.  There were splotches of thick, vibrant sauce amidst the mozz's, plus a little basil.  This is probably what you would call a nouveau margarita slice.  Mixing mozz's is wonderful, as you get the salty tang of the aged mozz, plus the creaminess of the fresh.

Pizzeria Beddia - Beddia is a Philadelphia shoppe that was in New York for an event.  Beddia is the maker of what are now some of my favorite pizzas.  I will not go into the various varieties they produce here, but let the record show that Beddia also plays with aged and fresh cheeses to dazzling effect.  Indeed, one pie excreted orange oils from an aged cheese that suffused the creamy mozz and ended in a brown, bubbly ecstasy.