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Monday, October 28, 2019

Pizza Files

It's a lovely fall Saturday.  The sky had been blue that day, a crisp fall blue, with some puffy clouds, and the leaves starting to turn yellow and orange.  Now the sun is setting and a light jacket or sweater is called for.  Let's go on a pizza adventure!!

I had been wanting to go to Ops in Brooklyn.  When we arrive we see cool people.  Some in their 50s and 60s, wearing nice sweaters, no doubt discussing "dark" and "profound" literature.  Some of the people are younger, most likely discussing oppression.  The place itself is cozy and very Brooklyn, prodding me to be more bohemian yet affluent, to believe in human dignity and equality yet still wear Patagonia fleece and fly business class.

Let's get down to business: the pizza is good.  Naples style pies fill the menu, and one, with "house mozzarella," onions and guanciale, is a fine specimen.  But Neapolitan pies are not my preferred mode, and thankfully they have a square pie.  The square pie has an airy yet substantial artisinal crust, and they load on grated pecorino (which is not labeled house made on the menu, begging the question).  The square is very good Brooklyn nouvea grandma pie.

On the way back I trip and I'm impaled by a metal rod protruding from a construction site.  A new condo is going up, hopefully followed soon by a new Blue Bottle Coffee.