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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Spread Report

Who doesn't love a good spread? It was a hot and steamy night in Washington, D.C. -- what better thing to do than partake in spreads!?!?  And therefore I went to Zaytinya, Jose Andres' ode to Mediterranean indulgence. We were seated and an army of servers immediately served the spreads.  There was a silky, luxurious nutty hommus pulsing with garlic, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon.  And of course a fine baba ghannouge that tasted rich and smokey and was also throbbing with...garlic!  Bring the fresh, warm pita!!!!  It was brought.  But this was no ordinary pita.  It was tender yet crisp and hearth-baked, pockmarked with charcoal blisters.  My compliments to the hearth master!  I didn't think spreads could get any better, but later, when our chicken kebabs arrived, so also arrived garlic toum, a spread which almost defies description.  It's white.  It looks like it could be Crisco.  It tastes of pure garlic transcendence.  As I took my first bite my eyes rolled back into my head.  Later, when I came to, I browsed the menu some more.  Is garlic in EVERY dish?  I've come home.

Washington, D.C.