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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Marvolous Cuisine From a Different Point of View

     I vaguely remember the day that I went to Washington DC. It was, well let's just say it was boiling outside. Erica was very interested in going to the city until she mistook the parking prices for $27 an hour. Eventually we found "Cheap" parking. We walked a block to Point of View, a very overpriced restaurant that overlooks the city. I ordered a water, 5.6% ice and 94.4% water. It was a little bland, but it was overall preferable. Erica got an order of hummus that tasted a little bit like szechuan chickpeas. But for a main course I got a dreaded wedge salad with a whole bottle of buttermilk ranch. That being said, it was not preferable🙄. After the chaotic jumble of talkative people conversing about going to a museum, Erica stepped in and showed everyone who's boss. It's her if you didn't get that. She dictated that we would not be going to the museum and instead she suggested we take a stroll down to presidential scoops. It had a wide variety of nonexcruciating flavors. I chose cookies and cream, the only acceptable flavor. And lastly, Erica took one last selfie.