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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Coupes Gourmandes/Pleasure Cups

I've never taken much note of Amorino, an Italian-based gelato company that began opening parlours in New York sometime in the last several years.  I thought the gelato was certainly good.  And I seem to recall someone saying they serve complimentary house-made whipped cream.  But for whatever reason, I had it and moved on with my life.

That all changed this weekend when I decided to stop by Amorino after dinner.  I was not in the greatest of spirits, for I had just had some really disappointing mozzarella sticks.  Please god, make up to me the monstrosity of those mozz sticks with some good ice cream!  I perused the creams and scanned the menu when my eyes stopped: "Coupes Gourmandes," or Gourmet Cups, if you will.  Hm, what are those!?  Two scoops of your choice of gelato, crunchy chocolate balls, your choice of sauce -- chocolate, Nutella, or caramel -- and whipped cream!

I ordered my coupe with a scoop of tiramisu and stracciatella and Nutella.  The coupe was a receptacle of pleasures, and the whipped cream was incredible!  Ok god, we're back on good terms!  But I don't even believe in you! Hahahahahah.

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