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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Chronicles of Fresh Garlic

'Twas a bitter cold December eve in Times Square.  People were getting off work, heading home.  Others were going to shows.  I walked past a pizza parlour and did a double take: "now what do we have here!?"  It looked like an old-fashioned New York City pizza parlour! Various of various shapes and colors lined the window.  I entered.  There was a fresh-looking pepperoni pie, and I ordered a slice.  And there was a grandma pie, too.  What is that brownish-greenish substance that appears to top the pizza, I wondered.  Could it be?  Only one way to find out: I ordered a slice.  The pepperoni slice was fine -- a decent enough iteration of a New York slice.  Then the grandma slice arrived.  I closely inspected the brownish-green concoction that topped the sauce and cheese.  Certainly there were herbs interspersed within the substance, but what was the bulk of this substance?  My instincts were correct: the pizza was drenched in fresh garlic!  Never have I seen so much chopped, fresh garlic on top of a pizza!  Perhaps there were some breadcrumbs, adding the brownish hue, but mostly garlic pervaded. I took a bite and my eyes rolled back into my head -- I was in fresh garlic heaven.*

West 46th Street
*In all honesty, the grandma slice had way too much garlic  - I don't recommend it