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Friday, August 10, 2018

What's in a pita?  Anything you decide to put in it!  There's a new pita joint called Miznon in the Chelsea Market brought to you by Tel Aviv-based pita maestro Benjamin Netanyahu.  The pitas themselves are fluffy, tender, and actually taste like something.  There are all sorts of fillings, some you might expect, and some you might not (cheeseburger, for instance). 

I had a pita filled with thin slices of ribeye - some of the finest "gyro" style meat you can imagine.  There was tahini.  There was tomato salsa.  There were pickles.  The meat was extremely flavorful and juicy.  The juices from the meat pooled at the bottom of the pita and mixed with the tahini to create incredible flavors!  The last bites of the pita were reservoirs of immense pleasure, the juicy tahini waters melding into the pliant, sturdy pita.  Bring on the flavor reservoirs! 

Chelsea Market, New York