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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Yeheshua and Fresh Garlic

Many years ago in Palestine there was a man named Yeheshua.  He came from Nazareth and went around talking about the kingdom of god and other such nonsense.  At the end of a long day of preaching or performing miracles, he was hungry.  I mean, REALLY hungry.  He would frequent the various meat and stew houses of Galilee, tired but excited for a filling meal with friends.  What will it be, the server asks.  To which Yeheshua replies: well, definitely some hearth-baked pita, a cucumber salad would be nice, and this spread I see,  does it contain...fresh garlic??  Oh yes sir!  That's our famous tomato and pepper spread, and it contains plenty of...fresh garlic!  Oh good, Yeheshua says! Soon bread and spreads are brought, and Yeheshua dips his pita generously in the fresh garlic spread.  This fresh garlic is so pungent and aromatic, says Yeheshua!  His friend Judas is not impressed, and Peter says he loves it but keeps coughing up the spread into his napkin.  But Yeheshua is intoxicated with the fresh...garlic.  Soon various roasted meats are presented, and Yeheshua is pleased to note a distinct flavor of fresh and roasted garlic.  And then he says to his friends, what good is it to gain the whole world and not eat plenty of...fresh garlic?