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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jesus and Fresh Garlic

Do you lust for fresh garlic?  The bulbous, bulby little goblet of pungent, earthy flavors and aromas. Fresh garlic is good in many dishes,!  The garlic can be used in the sauce, or even as a topping.  Join me in recalling some recent garlic and pizza adventures...

Prince Street Pizza, SoHo New York City.  Years ago it was a Ray's, but now it's called Prince Street Pizza.  The square pies here are incredible and filled with fresh garlic!  The sauce is sublime and the cheese is creamy and tangy.  The flavors of fresh garlic overcome me and I grab and start shaking an elderly women standing next to me.  "This fresh garlic is amazing!" I shout as I knock her around the room.

Bruno's in Clifton, NJ.  An old-fashioned parlour in a New Jersey strip mall.  You enter and there are formica booths and a counter top with stools.  They have round pies, but what's this I see?  Square pies, similar to the square pies at Prince Street Pizza?  Give me a slice, I say!  Also, can I get some...some...fresh garlic on that?  The slice is very good.  The sauce was very robust.

Last, Santillo Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth, NJ.  Old Santillo is a master, whipping up daily almost a dozen distinct styles of pizza, including but not limited to a "1990 American Style," a "1967  Pop's Style," and even the hard-to-find "1948 Tomato Pie" style.  The only style missing from the roster?  A 1983 Fresh Garlic Pie, although you can get garlic as a topping on any of the pizzas.