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Friday, September 16, 2016

Burger Investigations Part II

Oh, hello.  I didn't see you there.  If you recall, back in July I listed three burgers I had enjoyed so far during the summer: Lure Fishbar, Upland, and MaPeche.  MaPeche was definitely the best.  Now, the thrilling conclusion: I went to Lupulo, Roberta's, and Emmy Squared.  Lupulo - good, nothing crazy.  Roberta's - still my favorite burger I've ever had.  So flavorful and well-salted.  Emmy Squared - good but too flavorful, flavorful in a "we're going to assault you with so much flavor and stuff and you're going to love it" kind of way in which you don't actually love it.  The housemade American cheese was too cheesy tasting for me.  If you love American cheese, you might love this burger.

Final recap of summer burgers, ranked in order:

1. Roberta's: a perfect burger
2. MaPeche: flavorful, great bun.
3. Emmy Squared: next time I will get it without the cheese and I might like it more
4. Upland
5. Lupulo
6. Lure Fishbar