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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Department of Fried Chicken

Would I be alive if fried chicken did not exist?  Probably, but I wouldn't be happy.  You see, life is a total depressing mess.  You wake up, you do whatever, you go to sleep, and it repeats in an endless and meaningless cycle.  So how can one try to forget the misery we must daily face?  One can eat fried chicken.

It was a beautiful early fall day, and I was meeting some of my muchachos for fried chicken at Wang's, a fried chicken take out join in Park Slope on 4th Avenue.  You cannot go inside Wang's.  There is a window where you can order, and there are some benches right on the sidewalk. But you cannot go inside.  But you can get food, which is more important.  What food did me and my muchachos get?

Korean-style fried chicken wings
Fried chicken, of a more southern variety
Potato salad
Macaroni and cheese

We took our feast to a nearby bar and drank craft beers and ate our food.  The food was good!  The chicken wings were savory Asian bastards.  The fried chicken was truly impressive, easily among the finest fried chickens I've had in New York, if not the world.  The sides were very good.  Wang's is really great.

Then the spell of fried chicken wore off and I remembered how stupid life is.

Wang's, Park Slope