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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Burger Quest

There are many establishments in New York which produce vegetarian burgers, but it seems like this city has been awaiting a place like Superiority Burger, a trendy type spot in the East Village which specializes in them, serves an entirely vegetarian or vegan menu, is quirky, has excellent ingredients, has cool people behind the counters taking your order and flipping your vegetarian patty, etc.  Superiority recently received 2 stars from the New York Times, which is actually amazing for what is essentially a hipster fast casual veggie burger place.  So how is it?  Good.  I did not get the burger but the sloppy "dave" (not joe).  I also had the burnt broccoli salad.  Everything was very fresh and flavorful.  The sloppy dave material was onions and what seemed to be tofu in a nice tomato sauce.  The bun was amazing (a juicy meat hamburger would have been awesome on it).  My meal with an Arnold Palmer was $15.  I'm not sad or angry that Superiority Burger exists - in fact, I am glad, if for no other reason than people who are vegetarian or vegan and cannot enjoy classic meat hamburgers, which, when done well, are superior to the earthen variety found at Superiority, now have a good option.  Good for you, vegetarians/vegans.  I'll stick to beef.

Superiority Burger, East Village