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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sundae Chronicles

Readers of this journal know my voracious appetite for creams, one such type of cream being ice cream sundaes. But did you know I have developed an insatiable desire for pineapple sundaes? Well it's true. I enjoy pineapple as much as the next ruggedly handsome man, but I've never considered myself a great fan of the pineapple. But all of a sudden, it all of a sudden happened, where I was constantly thinking about pineapple sundaes, I think after seeing pictures of them on Mister Softee trucks. How delightful that looks, I thought, upon seeing the option of a pineapple sundae on a Mister Softee truck.  And so I was thinking of pineapple sundaes even though I don't think I've ever had one before. And finally one day I had one from Mister Softee, and I really enjoyed it.  And then on another day I had one from Eddie's Sweet Shoppe in Forest Hills, Queens.  And then finally, on another day, I had one from Dairy Queen.  I like these pineapple sundaes with, of course, whipped cream, but also chopped nuts.  I'm going to go to Dairy Queen right now for another one.  I can't stop thinking about and eating these sundaes.  

Mister Softee, various locations
Eddie's Sweet Shoppe, Forest Hills, Queens
Dairy Queen, West 14th Street