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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stamford Adventure

Last week in these little chronicles of mine I detailed a trip to Stamford, Connecticut to sample Ricko's bar pizza.  Now, I've had a bit of bar pizza in my day, but never from Ricko's.  Ricko's was quite good, and I said it was peppery similar to Colony Grill, also in Stamford, Colony Grill being a place I have been to many times.  I've always loved Colony Grill, and I still do, or so I think, or do I, or how are you doing today?  You see, a friend and I went to Colony Grill yesterday.  My friend had never been to Colony Grill but is a respectable lover of pizza, although we haven't always seen eye-to-eye on matters of bread, sauce and cheese.  Anyhow, we arrived at Colony, which is a charming place, and by charming I mean it has no charm, except a ton of framed pictures on the wall, many of men in military uniform, but the charm is that there really is no charm, it's just a simple, comfortable place.  A nice respite from the pretentiousness of the City.  I ordered an ale, and my friend and I procured three pizzas. This might sound like a lot, but as mentioned in the past, bar pizzas are quite thin, so three pizzas is quite doable for two healthy young men.  The pies came.  I thoroughly enjoyed them, they were good, simple pies.  But wait.  Were they not quite as good as I imagined?  Oh jesus I prefer not to go down this rabbit hole again.  They were good!  But no, no, maybe not quite as good as I thought they had been in the past.  Are the pizzas in New Haven better?  Is the best pizza always the pizza you are not currently eating?  On the train ride home I pondered these matters.  Tune in next time for more eatings and ponderings.

Colony Grill, Stamford, Connecticut