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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Burger Adventures

Why am I obsessed with trying hamburgers?  This is like asking why the sky is blue or sea deep: I just am.  It was a bright and refreshing summer evening and I had just returned from a bike ride.  My friend text messaged me.  "Go to BLVD Bistro in Harlem where we will eat burgers."  Far be it from me to turn down a burger adventure.  Luckily, BLVD is a 5 minute walk from my apartment, so I was there in a jiffy. where I met my friends.  We came for the burger, but noticed a very nice fried chicken which was being transported to various tables.  Fried chicken as an appetizer?  Check, except not, because we requested to order the fried chicken as an appetizer and wanted to add one piece of fried chicken to the order so we could have three pieces, one for each dining companion.  We were summarily told we could not do this and that "usually you just have to take what comes with the dish."  Well, I never!  We wanted to add a piece of fried chicken, which seems easy enough, and were more than willing to pay a fair price for such an addition.  But no, this was not possible.  This left a bad taste in our mouths so we skipped the fried chicken and ordered our burgers.  Biscuits were brought, biscuits which were warm and buttery and served with a delicious maple butter.  These were some damn good biscuits.  The burgers came.  They were somewhat loosely formed, and were served on a nice brioche bun.  It was a very nice burger.  Could have used perhaps slightly more salt, but a very respectable burger.  The burger comes with potato wedges by default, but I opted for a potato salad, which was of the mustard-y variety with hard boiled eggs: the egg salad was very good. Therefore, what I will say is that BLVD Bistro has solid to quite enjoyable food.  On to the next burger adventure.  Tune in next time for an update on Gramercy Tavern's secret burger.

BLVD Bistro, Harlem