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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Biscuits and Gravy Disappointment

Sometimes I grow weary.  Yes I love adventure, and it's my duty to sample all of the delicious foods of the city and world, but this very noble pleasure has its cost.  Yes, my friends, it's true: sometimes I weep at night.  Such was the case last night, after I experienced a difficult biscuits and gravy disappointment at Eugene and Co. in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  First my companions and I decided to have an appetizer of fried chicken at Peaches Hothouse.  We dined on thighs, cheesy grit cakes, and drank ale outside.  "Oh these are some tasty bastards!" one friend exclaimed.  They were tasty bastards, indeed.  Our appetites whetted. it was time to enter Eugene and Co. for the biscuits and gravy we longed for.  We also ordered fried green tomatoes and "pressed potatoes."  The fried green tomatoes were enjoyable enough; the pressed potatoes were an embarrassment, not well cooked and utterly flavorless.  The biscuits and gravy were served.  The gravy was fairly decent, a wild boar sausage gravy.  The biscuits were also fairly decent, if a bit stiff and almost stale in consistency.  The biscuits and gravy were certainly not bad, but I was left with a bitter disappointment.  I returned home, and, as mentioned, wept.  I weep still.

Peaches Hothouse and Eugene and Co.
Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn