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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mission: Adventure

It was a wintry Thursday and I had the day off from work.  Snow fell from the sky.  I walked to Jones Wood Foundry, one of my favorite English pubs.  "Bartender!" I said.  "Give me your finest IPA!"  Soon, I also ordered the fish and chips.  It was a noble order.  The fish was meaty yet delicate.  There was a fine house made tartar sauce.  The chips were crispy, golden and comforting.  I took turns dunking the chips in the tartar sauce and in ketchup.  "I want you tartar sauce," I would say.  "Now it's your turn ketchup" I would follow.  And so on and so forth.  An order of fish and chips and god knows how many IPAs later, I found myself back on the street.  The snow continued to fall. What next?  I wandered over to Yura on Madison to get a slice of their excellent pie.  When I arrived I found they had apple and pumpkin, and it seemed cruel to decide one over the other, and so I got both.  Eager to get home and stuff myself with my pies, I briskly walked.  I entered Central Park on Fifth Avenue in the 90s and saw a path that seemed to be going in the appropriate direction; I took it.  As I walked something did not seem right.  There was a dog park where various dogs and their owners stood about, ran about, etc.  As I walked slightly further I realized the path was a dead-end into the dog park and I couldn't walk further!  I stood there, without a dog, looking like a fool!  People stared at the ground, pretending not to notice so as to lessen the awkwardness of the moment. I caught the gaze of a great hound, but even the hound felt uncomfortable and looked away. "Damn it!" I said and turned around and walked out of the park.  Later I found another entry point and thankfully it led me deep into the park.  Well, I had many adventures, including a walk around the perimeter of a frozen pond.  There were city signs which read "Danger! Do not go past this point. Thin ice."  Yes, it was extremely dangerous.  Fortunately I made it out of the park and back to my apartment.  Two excellent slices of pie awaited me, one apple, one pumpkin.  Eat one now and save the other for later?  Of course not.  I ate both and then took a nap.

The end.