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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Wintry Day

I awoke on Saturday with a thrill.  Snow was expected.  I had been meaning to venture to Jackson Heights to pick up some Indian pickle, and so I went.  I journeyed deep into Queens.  Before visiting famous Patel Brothers grocery, I went to Raja Sweets for some paratha and dal.  As I sat dipping the warm, layered bread filled with potato into garlicky black lentils, I moaned in pleasure. "Oh jesus yes!"   I sipped chai as snow began falling.  How I love these wonderful, snowy New York days.  I walked to Patel Brothers and got my pickles and some other items and returned home.  Then I don't remember what I did.  I may have taken a nap.  Then it was time to walk to my friends' apartment for a BYOS (bring your own steak) event.  The snow was still falling.  I put on my rugged boots and headed out.  I stopped at the grocery market and picked up a steak and some cinnamon buns topped with a luscious-looking creamy drizzling.  When I arrived at my destination. some very nice pale ales awaited me.  We snacked on sliced baguette with meaty soppressata and both gouda and white cheddar cheeses.  I could not stop myself from moaning profusely.  Steaks were cooked on a cast iron skillet, basted in their own juices with rosemary and garlic.  Oh god the moanings of ecstasy were frequent and intense.  Finally we stuffed ourselves with the tender buns drizzled with cream.  At this point I really could not contain myself any longer and had to excuse myself while I sought privacy in the bathroom.  First exotic Indian intoxications, then restrained delay, then the meats and cheeses, followed by the beefy meat, and then the creamy drizzlings.  It was too much!  What a day.  I walked home in the beautiful white snow.