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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Most Tender Year

You're born and soon they start telling you: you will go to college and get a good job and have a family and it will all be so great.  But first thing's first: get that good job.  And so I did.  I worked hard to get it and once I got it I loved it.  How important I was!  Making decisions, doing something that mattered, how wonderful.  Serving society and all of that.  Then one day: you're fired.  And what now?  That job was my life.  I worked so much.  I cared about it and tried to go a good job and help people.  But now my job has been taken from me and I'll never work in this industry again!  The whole meaning of my life, or at least my distraction which made me think my life had meaning, is gone.  So now what?  I shall go in search of chicken tenders, eating the best chicken tenders across the country, until I've run out of my savings.  Then I will find a job at a chicken tender parlour and I will hate it but I will fixate on chicken tenders, making them and eating them, so that I myself turn into a chicken tender.  It will be terrible but what else can I do?  My job, the thing that mattered most to me, is gone, so now I will go down in a blaze of tenders.