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Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Ultimate American Fried Chicken Question Mark

Many of us in New York may want the greatest fried chicken to be American-style comma meaning buttermilk-brined, southern-style, etc period Yet things are not always how we want them to be period I must come out and say it colon it's quite possible that the Koreans make the greatest fried chicken period Korean fried chicken in New York is never dry or flavorless like American fried chicken in New York sometimes is semicolon however now I am ashamed because Korean fried chicken in New York is made by people who have every right to be called American period Therefore let us go forth and praise fried chicken made in America in the Korean style period Let us revel in its garlic soy or sweet chili bastings and its immensely satisfying crunchiness period Korean or American or not it is simply a great fried chicken period