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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tour De Bronx

This morning thousands gathered outside the Bronx courthouse for a grand bike tour of possibly New York's most interesting borough.  The tour offered two options: a 25 mile tour and a 40 mile tour.  Of course, my friends and I chose the latter.  It was a cool fall day, with puffy gray clouds. The sirens blasted and off we were.  It was a thrilling ride.  The first 30 miles or so were a breeze, but I admit, even for a hard rider like myself, the last section was daunting, as we climbed steep hill after steep hill.  Hundreds of riders could not take the hardships.  Many, on steep ascents up magnum-sized hills, groaned in pain as their knees turned red, until, after so much exertion, their legs simply snapped in half.  Sweet baby jesus.  The cries of sheer agony I will not soon forgot.  I felt for my fallen comrades, but a man must always finish what he starts, and therefore I rode on like a warrior pigeon until I reached the end.  To celebrate, my friends and I ventured to a fantastic mexican restaurant in the Bronx entitled El Carnitas Atoradero.  We dined on rich, savory mole pablono and bright, piquant chipotle.  The rice and beans were supple, and we dunked fresh tortillas into our sauces.  Jesus there were so many sauces.  As the sun went down the sky turned a fiery red, and you could still hear the cries of those we left behind on the streets of the Bronx.  Only the strong survive, but sometimes when I am alone at night and no one is watching I shiver.