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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thirst Quencher 5000

A hot ride to Brooklyn.  I take a break after doing a lap in Prospect Park.  The sweltering summer sun beats down on me.  God I need a refresher.  The farmers' market is closing down, but thankfully a man is peddling mint ice team flavored with maple syrup.  "I need some of your refresher" I say.  For a $1.50 I get a generous cup filled with the cooling refresher.  I take a sip and I'm delighted by the slight tartness, yet the natural sweetness and the numbing mint.  What a great refresher.  But it's not enough.  Then I notice two pre-adolescent young men on their bikes.  They have some sort of juice or concoction in little plastic jugs.  Then I see another young girl walking around with another one of those plastic jugs!  I realize there very well might be some sort of free giveaway, but I don't see anything in sight.  Then, from a distance, I spot it.  I ride over and two young men are giving away Hubert Lemonades, made from fresh lemons grown in Florida.  I take a strawberry and an original.  A nice beverage, a nice refresher.