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Friday, July 11, 2014

Thirst Quencher 3000

It's summer so the weather can be quite hot, humid.  Anyone who reads these chronicles or knows me knows I'm a man who loves his bike.  I will go on long bike rides and then I'll be thirsty.  Or sometimes it's just hot and sunny and I'm thirsty.  Give me the juices, punches, cold beverages, and refreshers.  Ah yes, a Dunkin' Donuts Arnold Palmer Coolata -- I'll take three!  A Starbucks passion iced tea -- give me four!  I want to guzzle and sip all sorts of refreshing beverages in this heat.  A Big Gulp of Dr. Pepper from Seven Eleven?  You bet your shit.  Give me the summer and give me the cold, refreshing beverages.

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