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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fried Fish Roundup

Is a nice fried fish too much to ask for in Harlem?  I slave at my job day in, day out, and all I want is a good fried fish!  Have it as a sandwich if you'd like, and lord knows I'm not above a side of chips.  Maverick food writer Robert Sietsema has explored the fish joints of 145th Street and the whiting parlours of Upper Lenox, but in his exploits he left out one fine establishment: Lenox Fish Market.  This seafood market has a great fry operation.  Whiting, tilapia and flounder are all available for the fry, with your choice of a flour of cornmeal crust.  Get a side of fries, onion rings or green plantains, too.  The fish is simple and nicely fried, and don't underestimate the pleasures of a nice fried fish.  Locals pour in to get their fish from the market or from the fry counter.  There's also a steam section where they will steam crabs after a vigorous powdering of seasoning.  Good day to you.