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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Department of Fried Chicken

The search for fried chicken never ceases, at least not for me.  While I may not have written very much about fried chicken in these dispatches as of late, please know it remains near and dear to my heart.  Of course, I have written a lot about chicken tenders; and while I love tenders, a tender is different than fried chicken.  Now it's time for fried chicken updates.  This is the Department of Fried Chicken.

The Butterfly.  The Butterfly is Michael White's "Wisconsin-style cocktail lounge and supper club."  First, we need to discuss this description.  A supper club is such a cutesy and stupid term, and any place that refers to itself this way is suspect.  Still, let us give The Butterfly the benefit of the doubt.  How is its buttermilk-soaked fried chicken?  Full disclosure, I had a couple of drinks before eating it, and therefore was mildly under the influence of beverages, and if there is one thing we quickly learn in life, it's that fried foods taste exponentially better while under the influence of beverages.  This being the case, I must recuse myself from offering a judgment of the fried chicken at The Butterfly.  I'm confident it's at least pretty respectable, but I cannot give a valid opinion.

The Cafeteria at Hostos Community College.  The cafeteria at Hostos Community College in the Bronx does not refer to itself as a supper club, and when I ate its fried chicken which had been catered for a work event, I was not under the influence of any beverage except for water.  The fried chicken was surprisingly excellent.  There was a sweetness to the chicken -- had honey been used?  The crust was rich and flavorful, and the meat was well-seasoned. It was better than many well-touted fried chickens I've had, and likely better than the Butterfly.  I'm dead ass.