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Friday, February 28, 2014

Give Me My Chunks

Hola. Me llamo Eduadro Esteven Milagros de Cervetes.  Yes, I search the Bronx near and far for the best chicharrones.  What are chicharrones?  I'm glad you asked, my friend.  It's pork belly that's been fried up, creating a salty, crispy exterior and a soft, buttery interior of porky fat delight.  I eat it, rub it all over myself, and generally just love it.

Where does one get this chicharrones?  I'm glad you asked that, as well, my friend.  There are many places, but one good one is Elsa La Reina de Chicharron, or Queen of Fried Pork Chunks to you yankees.  They have locations throughout the Bronx and upper Manhattan, and it's a good place to get your chunks.

I often go to chicharrones parlors demanding chunks.  "Give me my chunks, my friend!" I say.  If it's a new chicharrones parlor that I've never been to, the staff give quizzical looks and start bringing me various dishes, and I keep demanding my chunks until they finally bring me a plate of chicharrones, at which point I say, "now I have my chunks!"  After that, whenever I go back to the establishment, they know exactly what my chunks are, and now, my friend, you do, as well.