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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Chronicles of Creams

When jesus was considering how to make me, how to form me, he thought for a good while and then said, "I shall make a man who loves creams." And so he did, and so I do.

As discussed in these chronicles, it was not so long ago I ventured to Lady M, a confection shop of the highest order, for a slab of the rich pumpkin mousse pie I had read about.  Upon arrival on that wintry evening, I learned the pumpkin mousse was gone for the day, so instead I made do with the signature mille crepe cake.  There are far worse fates.  

Although lesser men would have been deterred after a failed pumpkin mousse attempt, I returned, and my gumption was rewarded.  The pumpkin nuage, as it's called, was rich and velvety, and the graham cracker crust was scrumptious and nubile.  It cried out to me and I had no choice but to accept its moans.  The nuage was consumed.