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Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicken Finger Investigations

Papa.  I like it when you call me big papa.

It was a mild November evening, and chicken fingers were what I wanted.  Across the street from my work is an establishment called Big Papa's, known for its fine dining.  I was working late and fine dining was exactly what I needed, so I headed to this so-called Big Papa's for some chicken fingers.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a boisterous assortment of pre and post-pubescents, who were having a lively discussion on the recent landmark change in Senate parliamentary procedure.  There's nothing like a heated yet gentlemanly debate on parliamentary procedure, and I was delighted by the atmosphere.  I placed my order, a five piece chicken tender with fries.  Ginger ale would be the beverage I'd be consuming.

I ran to the nearest ATM and returned, expecting my platter to be ready, but ready it was not.  I waited 5 minutes and still nothing.  A man who didn't seem to speak much English assured me they were working on my order.  More time elapsed.  My dear friend, would you believe me if I said it took 25 minutes to get my chicken tenders?  Well, it's true, and I wasn't exactly pleased, but I decided to take this monumental wait in good stride and said "sayonara you bastards!" in a joking fashion as I left.  Everyone thought it was very funny and laughed heartily.

When I returned to my desk and opened up my bag, I was delighted to see just the cutest little box you've ever seen, white and decorated with a red chicken and the absolutely inviting phrase "enjoy this chicken!"  Well, let's just say any bitter feelings concerning the long wait were instantly vaporized.  I almost didn't want to open the box it was so cute, but my hunger and love of chicken fingers won out, and the box was opened.

What greeted me were solid specimens, but nothing extraordinary or remarkable in terms of appearance.  The tenders were golden brown and crescent shaped, and the fries were straight and true.  There was a most delicate and homemade mustard sauce.  Oh, yes, without even tasting the sauce, it was quite apparent Big Papa's took great care and paid attention to the slightest detail!

The fingers, the tenders, were a model of a how a fast food - I mean fine dining - chicken tender should be.  The fries were a British-style chip.  The mustard sauce was otherworldly and very complex.  I moaned in great pleasure as I wolfed down my tenders and fries.  The crisp ginger ale was a perfect refresher.

As I sat and reflected, I realized Big Papa's took its tenders and fries seriously, and I knew the wait had been worth it.