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Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicken Finger Investigations

The salty sea air slapped me in the face, simply smacked me around, as I traveled due south towards Staten Island.  "Men, prepare to storm the island!" I screamed to a family of Mexicans, who looked at me quizzically.  How I miss the days when I could round up a group of Mexicans and attack various coastal areas.  Anyhow, not to be deterred, as soon as the landing craft (the Staten Island Ferry) reached the beaches, I rushed out (after the ferry crew safely docked) and established a beach head.  My objective: Dairy Queen.

Yes, it's been well reported in these chronicles that Dairy Queen has finally opened in the City of New York.  For now, one must venture to Staten Island for the honor, but apparently others will open in the more accessible boroughs some time soon.

Of course I went for a peanut buster parfait, which was decadent and creamy as always.  But this evening I was also in search of chicken fingers, know as chicken strips at Dairy Queen.  It is little known that Dairy Queen has some of the finest chicken fingers in the land.  Expertly fried and battered with a complex seasoning, the tenders are indeed tender.  The fries are golden and crisp.  But as we know, good fingers and fries does not an incredible chicken fingers make.  No, an appropriate sauce must also be served.  Often this will be a honey mustard.  But at Dairy Queen there is something special: gravy.  Yes, Dairy Queen offers a side of thick, white sausage gravy as a chicken tender dipping sauce, and the result is magnetic.

On my way back to Manhattan, crossing the treacherous New York Harbor, I dreamed of gravy and Mexicans.