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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Department of Pants

A great new feature of this new digital economy of ours is comment sections on retail websites for pants. For instance, the Gap will have its website, and it will have its inventory of pants available to browse, and then you can see comments where buyers have listed their hopes, fears and experiences with the pants.  People will discuss the fit, the slimness or bagginess or whatever.  Here is one such comment concerning Gap's Straight Fit "Lived In" Khaki:

"The pants fit great everywhere else but the crotch region. After washing and drying them they fit too loose and have a weird fit in the crotchal region. Other than that they fit great everywhere else."

I'm glad this person had the courage to discuss his trials and tribulations, and I'm also glad he coined the term "crotchal region," which of course is an important region when it comes to pant fit.  A pant can be excellent in many respects - color, texture of fabric, break, etc. - but if the crotchal region is not well-fitting, you have a problem.