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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Notes on Adventure

Grayness.  The office.  I type meaningless words and fulfill the promise of meaningless tasks.  Hey you, I really need this report by this time so we can move some of this inventory.  Hey you, I have some comments on that memo you just sent.  Grayness.

When I return home I come alive little by little.  I change into my favorite riding shorts and put on my green New Balances.  Proudly -- but I admit a tad timidly -- I roll my bike outside and feel the sun hit my face.  I mount.  I ride.  A white bullet.  Look!  A branch sticking out from a bush!  I dodge.  Adventure!

Many years later, I lie on my deathbed.  I cannot remember anything specific about work.  Adventure is with me before I go on my last, great adventure.  I remember that branch I dodged.  Is the bush still there?