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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Food and Pants Files

How much can a man write about food?

This blog, as you've perhaps noticed, is called Food and Pants, and there was a time when I wrote about both topics with relative frequency.  In its latest incarnation, I've written almost exclusively of food.  The record shows that after about 3 years of incessant blogging, I took a break starting in November 2010, and did not return to regular blogging until September 2011.  Since starting in September of last year, I've updated often several times a week, but usually at least once or twice.  There have been a few pants posts, but it's been almost entirely food.  And so I say again: How much can a man write about food?

There must be a limit.  How could I write about food at least a couple of times a week for the rest of my life?    What good could come of that?

Perhaps next week I'll get into it once more.  Or maybe next year.  Or maybe never.  But right now I just do not care to write about food.  Perhaps I'll spend the next year writing about pants, as I've not delved into the topic in great detail in quite some time.  Or perhaps I'll write about some other subject.  Or perhaps something else.