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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grilled Cheese Chronicles

My love of grilled cheese sandwiches has been building for about a year.  Something that's so nice about that them is the fact that it's relatively simple for even the dumbest human beging with no skills in anything, much less cooking, to make a pretty decent one at home.  In the coming weeks, expect insightful commentary on these most delicious of sandwiches.  And, since it's Foodandpants, you can expect the writing, as always, to be crisp, gooey, buttery, and oh so thank you very much.

Below is a transcript of a conversion with a friend, Seymour Tickles, and myself concerning grilled cheese sandwiches.  I believe it's a nice way to introduce the complexities of the issue.

Me: anyway, i love making grilled cheese sandwiches
Seymour Tickles: oh yes?
do you pan fry them?
Me: indeed i do
and place a heavy object on top to press and caress the sandwich
Seymour Tickles:  what type of cheese do you employ?
Me: recently a white cheddar
which i procure from trader joe's
Seymour Tickles:  hmm
Me: black diamond is the brand, and it's phenomenal
Seymour Tickles:  hmm
I'm familiar with it
Me: hmm?
is that a sound of approval?
Seymour Tickles:  it was a pensive noise of recollection in progress
Me: i see
 well i absolutely love it. i am also not above strategically placing jalapeno peppers in the sandwich.
Seymour Tickles:  Hey
no true grilled cheese expert would be
jalapenos are an absolutely delightful accompaniment to a good sharp cheddar
what is your bread, man?
Me: well, between you and me
Seymour Tickles: well I do declare!
what a choice!
Me: brushed with olive oil
Seymour Tickles:  I should have thought butter, but that'll certainly do
Me: heaven knows there's nothing wrong with butter
but i find that the slightly fruity musk of the olive oil plays nicely off the tangy ferment of the sourdough
Seymour Tickles:  hmm
I should think you might whip up a bit of diced garlic
Me: ohhh
thank you, yes
Seymour Tickles:  quite so, my good man
surely you'd been turning it around in your mind
a sandwich savant of your caliber is always plotting
Me: it is true, i have, but i needed the proddings of a bold and audacious man such as yourself to push me over that thin, savory line
Seymour Tickles:  Ha!
Me: always.
what about you
what cheeses that have been grilled to you like to savor?
*do you like
Seymour Tickles:  Ha
I am a cheddar man, myself
but I like a goodly, earthy swiss as much as the next man
gruyere is no slouch, either
Me: i see
Seymour Tickles:  here's another thought
Me: i concur on all fronts
Seymour Tickles:  carmelized onions
Me: ohhhh please
please do that
Seymour Tickles:  that's right, old boy
in good time
in every time
Me: i can't believe this is happening